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 Autumn 2017 Evening ClassesDunboyne College of Further Education

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How to enrol: Come to enrolment night on Monday 11th September from 6.00pm to 8.00pm or click on this link to book your course online Please note online booking not available yet

                        Enrolment day times Monday to Friday 9.00-4.00 @ College Reception

Classes Start: From Tuesday 26th September 2017/Thursday 28th September 2017, see dates below

Courses Day & Times Duration Fee Start Date
Microsoft Office - Word, Excel & PowerPoint Thursday           7.30pm-9.30pm 6 weeks €100 28th September
Website Design Tuesday           7pm-8pm  8 weeks €90 26th September
Photoshop for Beginners Thursday          7pm-8pm 8 weeks €80 28th September
Word Processing QQI level 5 Tuesday           7.30pm-9pm 8 weeks €140 26th September
Computers for Beginners Thursday          7pm-8pm 6 weeks €65 28th September
Professional Courses  
Medical Secretary QQI level 5 Thursday           7.30pm-9.30pm 8 weeks €220 28th September
Palliative Care Support QQI level 5 Thursday           7.30pm-9.30pm 8 weeks €220 28th September
Special Needs Assisting QQI level 5 Thursday           7.30pm-9.30pm 8 weeks €220 28th September
Maternity Care Support QQI level 5 Tuesday            7.30pm-9.30pm 8 weeks €220 26th September
Childcare QQI level 6 (2 year course, 7 modules) Thursday           7pm-10pm 10 weeks €850 per year 28th September
Diploma in Event Management Tuesday           7pm-9.30pm 9 weeks €250 26th September
Hobby Courses  
Drawing & Painting Thursday           7.30pm-9.30pm 8 weeks €90 28th September
Guitar for Beginners Tuesday           7.00pm-8.30pm 6 weeks €90 26th September
Photography Thursday          7pm-9pm 8 weeks €90 28th September
Fitness and Health        
Introduction to Beauty Therapy Thursday          7pm-8.30pm 6 weeks €90 28th September
Barbering Thursday           7.30pm-9pm 8 weeks €200 28th September
Body Conditioning Tuesday           7.30pm-8.30pm 10 weeks €90 26th September
Yoga for Beginners Tuesday           8pm-9pm 8 weeks €80 26th September
Yoga for Improvers Thursday          7pm-8pm 8 weeks €80 28th September
Pilates for Beginners Tuesday          7pm-8pm 8 weeks €80 26th September
Pilates for Improvers Tuesday          8.15pm-9.15pm 8 weeks €80 26th September
Tai Chi Tuesday          7pm-9pm 7 weeks €90 26th September
Boxercise Thursday          7pm-8pm 10 weeks €100 26th September
One Night Talks/Seminars  
Buying a Home Tuesday           8pm-10pm 1 night €15 17th October
Parenting Ages 1-6 Tuesday           7pm-8.30pm 1 night €20 3rd October
Parenting Ages 6-11 Tuesday            8.30pm-10pm 1 night €20 3rd October
Parenting for Teenagers Tuesday            7pm-8.30pm 1 night €20 10th October
Parenting through Seperation/Divorce Tuesday            8.30pm-10pm 1 night €20 10th October
Infant/Toddler First Aid Course 1 Tuesday            7pm-10pm 1 night €70 3rd October
Infant/Toddler First Aid Course 2 Thursday            7pm-10pm 1 night €70 12th October
CPR & AED Course 1 Tuesday            7pm-10pm 1 night €70 3rd October
CPR & AED Course 2 Thursday            7pm-10pm 1 night €70 12th October
Basic First Aid Course 1 Thursday            7pm-10pm 1 night €70 5th October
Basic First Aid Course 2 Tuesday            7pm-10pm 1 night €70 10th October
Manual Handling Course 1 Thursday            7pm-10pm 1 night €70 5th October
Manual Handling Course 2 Tuesday            7pm-10pm 1 night €70 10th October

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Note: There may be an additonal charge for materials for certain courses which will be payable to the Tutor on the first night or you will be required to bring items, you will be given full details from your tutor on the first night.

Courses not filled by the 21st September will be cancelled.

Once I enrol will I hear from the College again?

No, so please come along on first night as scheduled. Exception: In the event of a class being (cancelled due to inadequate numbers) you will be contacted by the Adult Education Dept by text message. However, once enrolled assume your class is going ahead and come along on the scheduled first night.

Does DunboyneCollege Adult Education Evening Courses have a Refund Policy?

When a course is under-subscribed & does not run, Dunboyne College offers a 100% refund of fees.  • Fees are non refundable once you have enrolled.

All course participants attend at their own risk. Neither Dunboyne College of Further Education or LMETB accept liability for damage or injury to persons or property, or for property mislaid while present in the college or on the grounds.

For more information please contact

Anna Handibode, Dunboyne College of Further Education, Dunboyne, Co. Meath

on 01-802 6577